Moraine House -- The hopeful side of addiction
Moraine House

Moraine House was originally founded in 1976 in Valparaiso, Indiana as a halfway House for recovering alcoholics. Today, Moraine House has broadened its scope to cover people recovering from all chemical dependencies. Well over 90% of Moraine House residents come from treatment centers in Lake, Porter, and Laporte counties in Indiana and Cook County in Illinois.

Moraine House, home to 13 residentsMoraine House is a home to 13 residents in various stages of recovery. The Moraine House treatment program is recommended for 180 days. During residency the residents adhere to all rules and regulations of Moraine House, attend AA and NA meetings at least 3 times a week, participate in the Recovery Dynamics program and the Back to Basics program, meet the Bridge Gap Committee which reviews the residents progress each week, seek employment (if not employed), and finds at least one local AA or NA sponsor in the Valparaiso area.


Moraine House is considered a home where family members live and work together toward establishing a life of sobriety and assuming respected roles in society. Residents of Moraine House are expected to seek and to maintain normal health and gainful employment. They are also expected to share the responsibilities of keeping a home, to participate in Moraine House programs and share with others.

Moraine House residents also participate in a specific program to aid them in their recovery from chemical dependency. Significantly, this participation happens in the atmosphere of family living which sets Moraine House apart from an institutional setting, such as a hospital or a clinic. Moraine house serves as a recovering chemical dependentís home until he feels completely able to resume active life in the every day world.

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