The Program

A Program that Works

An initial orientation meeting - this meeting is required of each new client at his arrival at the Moraine House. Through this meeting an assessment process and an individualized treatment plan specific to their drug of choice evolves.

On the first and third Thursday of each month clients attend a financial responsibility class. On the second and fourth Thursdays clients meet with the progress review committee. Every week clients attend Relapse Prevention Groups and Life Skills groups. Clients also are required to attend at least five AA and/or NA meetings per week.

Residents are required to seek employment (if not employed), and find a house approved sponsor in the Valparaiso area.

We live and work on personal growth, while abstaining from all illicit drug and alcohol use, setting course on thorough self examination, confidential self-disclosure, making amends for harm done, and eventually, out of gratitude, helping others who want to recover from substance abuse.

Treatment is based on the 12 step philosophy and relies on the assumption that spirituality is the basis of long term recovery. The staff at Moraine House works closely with the clients to address the spiritual needs of each resident nondenominationally.

The Idea

Moraine House is considered a home where family members live and work together toward establishing a life of sobriety and assuming respected roles in society. Residents of Moraine House are expected to seek and to maintain normal health and gainful employment. They are also expected to share the responsibilities of keeping a home, to participate in Moraine House programs and share with others.

Moraine House residents also participate in a specific program to aid them in their recovery from chemical dependency. Significantly, this participation happens in the atmosphere of family living which sets Moraine House apart from an institutional setting, such as a hospital or a clinic. Moraine house serves as a recovering chemical dependent’s home until he feels completely able to resume active life in the every day world.