Moraine House Vision

Asking for help is the most crucial first step anyone can take on the road to recovery. We treat only those willing to surrender to their addiction. Upon entry to the House, residents begin treatment specific to their drug of choice. Residents begin an assessment process and an individualized treatment plan evolves from this assessment process. The steps of recovery treatment are based on the 12 Step philosophy and relies on the assumption that spirituality is the basis of long-term recovery. The staff at Moraine House works closely with the clients to address the spiritual needs of each resident nondenominationally. One of the keys to our success is the therapeutic value of addicts and alcoholics working with other addicts and alcoholics, admitting there is a problem; seeking help; engaging in a thorough self-examination; confidential self-disclosure; making amends for harm done; and eventually helping other substance abusers who want to recover.

We endeavor to instill in our residents a healthy value system which includes:

    • Learning responsibility to self and others

    • Sensitivity to self and others

    • Accountability to self and others

    • How to make appropriate decisions and choices

    • Self discipline and manageability

Recommended length of stay is 180 days with each case being reviewed biweekly by the staff and the screening committee.

Moraine House is a 501(c)3 post-treatment recovery home for men over the age of 18. We live and work on personal growth, while abstaining from all illicit drug and alcohol use. Moraine House has been providing this service since 1975.

Those who struggle with drug addiction don't set out to destroy themselves and everyone and everything in their path -- rather, these disastrous consequences are the effect of the vicious cycle of addiction.

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